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using namespace std; return type function name (data type variable name) . Epic Games has made a quite convenient to integrate custom structs. Structs are different from UObjects, and because of this Structs are best used for simple data types. level 2. It also adds Shared References which act like non-nullable Shared Pointers. When coding in UE4 , you often want to construct a string from variables. ); Serialize Enum C.

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Classes deriving from UObject (UCLASS) are the only " pointer " types that the reflection system understands, this is because they are tightly integrated with the Garbage Collection system, among other restrictions. but UnrealBuildTool still cannot recognize UStruct (while UClass is OK) Eric. csvUERow TypepointsstrDataTable. . . Once you have a firm grasp on Pointers you should be coding happily in UE4 C Pointers are extremely powerful and also a bit dangerous in order to give you the power that they have. .

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